Landscape Mulching

Landscape Mulching

Whether you want to spruce up your garden or just to get rid of weeds around your plants, mulching is just what you need. Here at Harrisonburg, we are your trusty companion for all your landscape mulching needs! The importance of mulching should never be overlooked. And we are here to help you out and provide you uncompromised mulching service that won’t break the bank.

Different Types of Mulch

But before we begin, you have to know the different types of mulches that suits your lawn/garden. Each type of mulch has their own advantage depending on the soil and plants you have.

  • Shredded leaves/Wood chips
    • Shredded leaves or wood chips look best on flower beds and garden pathways. They can make your lawn more aesthetically pleasing and full of detail.
  • Grass clippings
    • Grass are rich in nitrogen. They also act as a fertilizer too not just for your lawn, but also for your vegetable garden as well. Not to mention, grass clippings are cheaper too!
  • Hay
    • Aside from grass clippings, hay also looks great and goes well with your vegetable garden. It’s effective in keeping weeds at bay while retaining the soil's moisture.
  • Compost
    • Compost is the most common type of mulch everyone probably knows. It acts as an extra layer of nutrition for your vegetable, flowers, and even fruits. Compost is also versatile and can be mixed with the other mulch types mentioned above.

Landscaping Without Mulch

It can be a daunting experience to do landscaping on your lawn/garden without mulch. And that’s why our company is here to help you out for all your mulching needs. As a Harrisonburg-based company, our goal is to deliver top-notch landscape mulching at a price that fits your budget.

Now you don’t have to worry how much it’ll cost you. What’s best is that we can also help you decide which mulch type and landscaping design suits best for your lawn. Our team of landscaping and mulching experts will give you unparalleled service that our competitors can’t beat. 

Long Lasting Mulch

In our company, we deliver only the best mulches for you. We believe that every household in Harrisonburg deserves uncompromised quality mulches at a reasonable price. And that’s why we only offer long lasting mulches that can withstand whatever weather may come in the way.

What’s more is that we also provide aftersales service so we can check on your mulch and refill it for you in a monthly or quarterly basis. We can also help when it comes to landscaping too. Just in case you changed your mind about the design, or you want to use a different mulch, for example.

Avail Our Landscape Mulching Service Today!

If you live in Harrisonburg, there’s no better time to avail our landscape mulching service than now. So give us a call today via our hotline number or contact us through email or on our social media accounts. Want to give your lawn its much-needed spruce up? Our landscape mulching team is here to help!

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