Lawn Care Service Harrisonburg, Virginia

Part of a beautiful home is a beautiful lawn. Many people invest so much in their front yard and back yard just because it would say so a lot about the house as a whole. Considering as well that first impressions last, many of your visitors would keep coming back.

Our company is your best choice for lawn care services in the area because we do not just remove stray grass and mosses, we do quality and beautiful lawn care service for you and your family. After every service, we make it sure that we will leave a lawn that is comfortable and chill that your family and friends can bond in. Celebrate success and enjoy bonding moments with your loved ones in your lawn that has done our lawn care service.

If you are looking for the best, no need to search for more. Our company is your one stop shop for any lawn care service that is available anytime of the day. You can reach us through our hotline numbers or see us through our online website and our customer service will be happy to serve you.

Professional Lawn Care Service

It may be a lawn without proper care for years, a left behind lawn or a flooded lawn, we have the capabilities, knowledge and technology to cater different types of lawns and bring it back to life. Our company specializes in renewing and restoration of lawns through our extensive lawn care services that will bring back your dull lawn into a thriving greenery that will make your lawn look at its best.



In this process, a device with metal tubes about one-half inch in diameter is rolled over your lawn, penetrating several inches into the turf to remove plugs of turf and soil, and then deposit them on the surface. The resulting holes admit water, air, fertilizer, and humus-creating organic matter to the root systems. Through this, nutrients and important minerals are absorbed directly by the lawn resulting to a beautiful propagation. The holes give the soil room to loosen, permitting easier root growth and better air and water circulation throughout the turf.

Compared to most other lawn care treatments, core aeration is labor-intensive that you cannot do yourself. But if you want to have your lawn grow and propagate its natural greenery without much effort but in ecological way, call our company today!


Due to the changing season and many natural factors, your once green and lush lawn may become a bald desert in just the blink of an eye. In order to maintain its lush greenery, have your lawns maintain through seeding.

Many lawns benefit from seeding especially every after the changing of season. And good things is our company is best in doing so. Seeding makes new seeds fill in thinned-out areas, create a denser lawn that will discourage weeds and pests, add a newer grass variety with improved disease and insect resistance to an established lawn, or add a better grass variety for the area.


Lawn Mowing for your bushy

Outgrown and overgrown lawn? Get it trimmed!

A healthy lawn would keep growing and propagating but this can mean unwanted too. With regular growth, comes much needed mowing to keep your grass healthy, and looking great. Forget sweating in the heat and getting drenched under the summer sun. Our lawn mowers will come in and perform exceptional lawn care maintenance to your lawn that will keep it lush, green and be the talk of town. From full mowing, to edging, weeding and more, our team will give you the manicured, vibrant green look just the way you want it.

Commercial and Residential Lawn Care Service

Our extensive commercial lawn care service includes grass trimming, lawn mowing and propagating of beautiful greenery in your lawns. We do service in all residential types from the backyard, front yard to your small garden. For commercial lawns, we do special trimming and styling that will alleviate your business’s ambiance and increase overall impression.

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